As you may have determined by the above I live in the country of which I thank GOD every day for, reason being, is because my lovely wife and I were both raise in nature’s wound, I like to call it. I am presently living in a semi-retired state, but I am able and willing to work on a part time basis, a bit on my background is elaborated on the next page; when I am not working at odd jobs,  I am doing volunteering work for “Oxfam Québec” and the “Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Canada”.

Mostly every graphic on this web page as a link, that is practical and useful in nature (pardon the pun), and if you do not mind for being to bias, towards the end I like to show my proud roots, intern if you click  on the Royal Standard Flag on the last page it will take you to another of my web pages.

Sorry!  You only have one guess at who’s on the left.

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